Dog Aggression Problems

Aggression is a normal part of the way all animals interact and communicate. Dogs use aggression to communicate a variety of emotions ranging from fear to control.Quite often humans consider aggressive behaviour in a dog only to be an issue when a dog finally bites something or someone, but aggression can manifest itself at a lower level , such as grumbling, growling, snarling, teeth baring and snapping at the air without making contact. Bites too can vary from light touches with the teeth right through to inflicting serious injury.

Aggression is an emotion and can be used to communicate various intentions by a dog. Aggression is part of a range of behaviours that dogs have available to them to deal with everyday life. Many of these behaviours pass un-noticed and it is only when the dog changes from trying to avoid a situation, through things like moving away or showing that they are not happy, to actively trying to manage the situation, that we term it “aggression”.

Any dog can show aggression, but it is always dependent upon what the dog believes is happening to them. So a dog may show aggression in a situation that an owner may not perceive to be a threat When a dog uses aggression it is almost invariably because it thinks that it is under some form of threat. For example, the threat could be to its personal safety, to take away something (or someone) it values highly, or by preventing it from doing something it really wants to do, which causes frustration. Aggression can be used to control or reduce this challenge. Theoretically every single dog, if pushed far enough, can and will use aggression.


I understand that owning an aggressive dog can be a very emotive, frustrating and sometimes embarrassing situation. It can affect relationships, lifestyles and turn owning a dog into a chore rather than the pleasurable experience it should be.

In light of this I offer a comprehensive service designed specifically for dealing with dogs with aggression issues.

  This service starts with your initial phone call, where I will offer you free advice on how to start controlling your dogs behaviour. This advice is supplied whether you book a consultation or not.

Prior to a consultation you will be sent a questionnaire, this asks for as much detail as possible about your dog, their daily routine ,possible causes and the specific problems you are encountering. The questionnaire should be returned 2-3 days before the consultation so that I have a detailed picture before I visit you
 An initial consultation can last up to 3 hours, although this may be longer if two or more dogs are involved. During the consultation your dog’s problems will be discussed in detail and the dog will be assessed.
I will then start to work with you and your dog using a combination of training and pyschological modification techniques to address the cause of the aggression and to start to modify your dogs behaviour.
 These methods will be demonstrated and you will be asked to have a go yourself so that I am sure you will be happy working on your own – you will also be supplied with training sheets so you have guidance to help you proceed. Please note that all training methods taught are based on scientific principles and learning theory, without resorting to punitive, unkind or aversive methods.

If requested you will receive a full written report covering everything discussed at the consultation within 7 working days, this will be individually tailored to your dog and its specific problems.

After the initial visit your payment also covers a follow up visit of 1 hour to ensure all is going well and to answer any questions or issues that may have developed. This can be booked as and when suits you.

I also offer free telephone/email advice to you for life once I have carried out the consultation.

Aggression Issues Price- One to one training:

£150- Initial visit (duration of up to 3 hrs)  plus one follow up visit and training Report with full phone and email support.

Due to the high quality of my work and as a full member of the CFBA I am recognised by Pet Insurance companies as a dog trainer and dog behaviorist to accept vet referrals for behavioral issues. If your pet insurance policy covers behavioural issues you may be able to claim back my fees, whereby all you will have to pay is your excess. For further information please click here

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