Dog Agility Training and classes for all dogs

Is your dog constantly on the go? Does he move like a speeding bullet? Jump like a kangaroo? or do you want to do something different with your dog that will strengthen your relationship and give you both a fun,enjoyable activity to do together? - Then Dog Agility is for you

 It's more than a dog sport that you only see at crufts. It's an outlet for your dog's natural, instinctual habits. Think about what you know about your dog's ancestors' behaviour. In the wild, dogs are required to chase and kill prey, and to also avoid being the prey. Imagine pursuit of a rabbit, for instance. That rabbit, when chased by a hungry canine, will hurdle rocks, slip under fallen logs, teeter on natural bridges, climb sheer slopes, and squeeze through brambles and thick brush. And if that dog is hungry, he'll be required to do the same. Considering the hardy survival of the canine population in the wild, we can deduct that they've been considerably successful in chasing their prey. Because they're good at it! Here's another thought. Humans are also designed to be agile.Our ancestors sprinted from saber-tooth tigers, traversed rushing rivers, zigzagged through dense forests, and chased food of their own. So, why not join your dog in a rewarding sport that plays into all that's natural and necessary..exercise, entertainment, satisfaction? All wrapped into a fast paced and elegant demonstration of dog and owner teamwork. 
  As with all my classes I concentrate on dog and owners having a fun and rewarding experience. My agility classes continue that ethos and are designed for owners that want to do something fun and different with their dogs. You work to your own pace and we even have time for a tea break!

All dogs are worked on the lead and long lines until they get into the swing of things and dogs have to be 12 months plus in age but apart from that there are no further restrictions  breed,age,size etc.

Agility classes are held on alternate Saturday mornings at 9am and 1030am and are held at:

The Old Chattenden Barracks,Kirby Road off Chattenden Lane, Chattenden, Rochester ME3 8AB

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Please contact me prior to attending any of these classes.

The Cost of the Classes are:

£20 for the first class and then £10 per class thereafter. Each class lasts approximately one and a half hours. (Beginners 1 hour)

If you have any further queries:

Please call:  07939 203414

or email:

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