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ABC For Dogs is run by Adrian Kollnberger B.A.Hons (Dog Behaviour and Training) MGODT, MCFBA.

Whether it is from puppy classes, obedience classes,dog agility classes through to behaviour or aggression issues, dog walking and pet sitting situated in the Medway area of Kent I am a dog trainer & behaviourist who is well positioned to supply training and behaviour solutions to the whole of Kent and South East area,both in your home on a one to one basis or in a class environment.
With experience gained in the Police Dog Training and handling environment along with a proven history of helping members of the public and their dogs with issues ranging from minor behavioural or obedience problems to severe aggression issues I will help you to understand your dog and achieve a happy, obedient and well balanced relationship in and outside of your home.

I understand that dogs are sensitive, intelligent
and willing to learn creatures,with this in mind
I will teach you how to train your dog on a level
that both of you will understand using proven
humane training techniques centered around

positive reinforcement and the psychology of the
dog and owner relationship

My training methods take into account the unique
challenges you're facing, building a positive and trusting

relationship between you and your dog.
My methods enable you to build a lasting, emotional bond
based on trust and respect
, which in turn aids in
overcoming past challenges with your dog

ABC For Dogs Dog Training focus on owners too,
so that once you learn to communicate effectively
with your dog, you will have the necessary tools to

overcome your dogs training and behavioural issues

As a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers I
belong to an independent professional body

whose values include being committed to
maintaining and improving the quality of training
behaviour and companion dog ownership in Britain

The Guild of Dog trainers aims to sustain and increase
public confidence in the
assessment of training standards
and practices, present and future and to inspire and to
help those who are to be educated and tutored in
training to ensure
future success within our profession

With over 15 years experience in the Dog Training Environment , ABC for dogs offers a wide range of tailored dog training and activities for all dog owners regardless of abilities or experience. I aim for the training to be fun, enjoyable and aimed at strengthening the bond between dog and owner in order to help build a lasting relationship. With all weather facilities, the business also has friendly staff enabling owners and dogs to learn together in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Puppy Classes Agility Classes 121 Training Tracking

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To contact me please call on 07939 203414

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Areas Covered Includes - South East London and the whole of Kent, Medway Towns (Strood,Rochester,Chatham,Gillingham,Rainham) Gravesend,Dartford,Sittingbourne,Maidstone etc.etc..........

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